World MS Day 2020

How fitting is it that my inspirational daily quote reflects how I feel about living with MS?!

MS affects everyone differently. Some of my symptoms (since 2001) include, optic neuritis, chronic fatigue, numbness and tingling, brain fog, muscle spasms and weakness, heat sensitivity, headaches, dizziness and so much pain. I have the most loving, and supportive family and the #MSFamily is so big that I’m never alone in this. Is it scary? Extremely so! And through everything, I’m able to smile and say “I’m stronger than MS”! ♡

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Cordially, Crystal

MS and Me

I truly have some rough days. Here’s some insight about what an autoimmune disease is: It’s not a cold or a flu, it won’t go away, a nap won’t help, and it has no cure. Many of us wake up with pain and sleep with pain. When people see us they think everything is normal! But, it’s not! In order to maintain some positivity, I’ve learned to take it one day at a time. My next treatment is coming up, possibly in June. I’m so nervous. I experienced such bad side effects after my previous infusions and my system just never seems to adjust to the Rituxan.

I don’t like to hear the phrase “it could be worse”. That’s one of the worst things you could say to a person with chronic illness. So, while I’m grateful I’m able to push through my days, I don’t feel the need to be grateful that things aren’t worse! I am however up for the challenge. I will remain strong and I always count my blessings, even through the bad times! My husband and sons are my main motivators. I’m definitely appreciative for the ways in which they love and encourage me! I’m “living” with an autoimmune disease, or two and I’m showing up for life lessons along the way. ♡

Cordially, Crystal

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MS Related Fatigue

Fatigue can be described as extreme tiredness or persistent exhaustion. It is one of the most common symptoms of MS, and it affects about 80 percent of people. The fatigue associated with MS can be very difficult to handle, and also difficult to explain to others. Although it’s an invisible symptom, fatigue is very real for those like me, living with it.

I’ve been experiencing Multiple Sclerosis symptoms since 2001, 6 months after having my first baby boy. After countless episodes of optic neuritis, migraines, dizziness, and being light headed… I’d finally moved to the big leagues when I couldn’t feel my 3 sons handsome faces any longer or walk without my knees buckling. And the numbness and tingling were at an all time high. This time, I had my fourth MRI and it was the one that changed everything and gave me a name for it all. As if the lesions weren’t enough, I also had a spinal tap. Results soon followed and I got the scariest news of my life, “Crystal, just as I’ve suspected, you have MS.”

Presently, my toughest symptom is the oh so relentless, fatigue. I wake up about 6:30 each morning and by 10 am, I’m extremely tired. My fatigue occurs daily, even after a good night of sleep and worsens throughout the day. It feels as though something is weighing me down. The worse part is that it comes on so suddenly and most times, I feel clumsy.

Needless to say, MS is life long. I’ll need to rely on my faith in God and strength. This isn’t going anywhere! Through this entire experience thus far, I realize that you can’t change people. But you can be grateful for those that stand by you through every step of the way, literally! It’s not easy to live this way, in tough times, everyday. The pain doesn’t go away, I’ve just made room for it! I do it for my boys, to show them that no matter what’s thrown their way, giving up is NOT an option. Also, I look at the bright side… if I have pain it means I’m still able to feel! And well, I simply can’t fathom the alternative!

FAITH, makes things possible… not easy! ♡

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Cordially, Crystal

Virtual Walk MS 2020

My family is so important to me. They are my greatest supporters! Today we all participated in the #VirtualWalkMS. I fell twice yesterday. But after my Riverside MS Support Group Webinar this morning, I had all the confidence I needed to complete a walk with my husband and sons, by my side! 💙 
Thanks y’all… my ♡ is full! 🎗 🎗 🎗

#beatingmyms #chronicillness #chronicillnesswarrior #chronicpain #curems #faithhopelove #hopeforacure #ms #msfighter #mymsjourney #mssupport #rituximab #strongerthanms #thecampbell5 #thisisms #truxima

Cordially, Crystal

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