I truly have some rough days. Here’s some insight about what an autoimmune disease is: It’s not a cold or a flu, it won’t go away, a nap won’t help, and it has no cure. Many of us wake up with pain and sleep with pain. When people see us they think everything is normal! But, itโ€™s not! In order to maintain some positivity, I’ve learned to take it one day at a time. My next treatment is coming up, possibly in June. I’m so nervous. I experienced such bad side effects after my previous infusions and my system just never seems to adjust to the Rituxan.

I don’t like to hear the phrase “it could be worse”. That’s one of the worst things you could say to a person with chronic illness. So, while I’m grateful I’m able to push through my days, I don’t feel the need to be grateful that things aren’t worse! I am however up for the challenge. I will remain strong and I always count my blessings, even through the bad times! My husband and sons are my main motivators. I’m definitely appreciative for the ways in which they love and encourage me! I’m “living” with an autoimmune disease, or two and I’m showing up for life lessons along the way. โ™ก

Cordially, Crystal

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