How fitting is it that my inspirational daily quote reflects how I feel about living with MS?!

MS affects everyone differently. Some of my symptoms (since 2001) include, optic neuritis, chronic fatigue, numbness and tingling, brain fog, muscle spasms and weakness, heat sensitivity, headaches, dizziness and so much pain. I have the most loving, and supportive family and the #MSFamily is so big that I’m never alone in this. Is it scary? Extremely so! And through everything, I’m able to smile and say “I’m stronger than MS”! ♡

#WorldMSDay2020  #MSWarrior #FindACure #BringingUsCloser #AutoimmuneDisease #RRMS #InvisibleIllness #KeepFighting #MadeStrong #WeAreStrongerThanMS #AlwaysPrayingForACure🙏🏽 #FaithHopeLove

Cordially, Crystal

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